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Board Descriptions

Introduction & Overview of PTA Roles 

Toler Elementary is a wonderful community because of its parental support and the volunteer contributions of people just like you! Job descriptions for PTA board and committee chair roles are on the following pages, or you can always read our bylaws for full descriptions.. To get you started, here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions:

  • What PTA board positions are available?

PTA Board positions are open to any Toler parent and do not require previous board or PTA experience. If you are interested in a PTA board position for the following school year, you should contact a nominating committee member, or the PTA President.

  • How do PTA board positions get filled?

A nominating committee, coordinated by the current secretary, is elected in January of each school year. This committee then seeks out nominees for each board position and presents a slate of candidates to the membership at the March PTA meeting. Board elections are conducted at the May PTA meeting.

  • How do PTA committee chair positions get filled?

Once a PTA board is elected, the PTA president and other Board members for the following school year will begin seeking individuals to fill committee chair roles. If you are interested in a PTA committee chair position for the following school year, you should look for announcements in the Dolphin Dates, or talk to the President-Elect in April or May, or in September when school begins if you are new.

  • What are the basic and shared job responsibilities of board members and chairs?

Help to recruit and train your successor, keep position binders up-to-date and maintain good files; attend PTA meetings whenever possible

  • What are the basic job responsibilities of board members?

All of the above, plus: attend board meetings scheduled as needed throughout the school year, act as liaison between President and board and those Chairs who fall in to your subject area (e.g. VP-Fund Raising needs to serve as liaison between PTA Board / President and chairs of Apex Fun Run, Halloween Auction, etc.).

  • What kind of files should I keep?

It is a great help if you create and/or audit a binder for your position and to have a short orientation when you hand it over to your successor. An ideal binder contains a summary of the position, a calendar or timeline for your job or event, your budget, vendors used, ideas you tried and liked or didn’t like, fliers you created, feedback you received, and anything else you think would help your successor to get a good start.

Board Position Descriptions 


Time Commitment: 8-12 hours per month, varies

Busiest Times of Year: beginning of the year but flattens out; additional special projects

  • Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA (including fundraising objectives, community building events, educational events, etc.)
  • Sign authorizations for payment
  • Act as liaison between parents and principal / staff
  • Recruit PTA Committee Chairs
  • Create agenda and facilitate monthly PTA meetings and 3-4 PTA board meetings
  • Write a Welcome letter for all Toler parents in August for inclusion in back-to-school packet
  • Collaborate with Principal to create annual school calendar
  • Collaborate with Treasurer to create annual PTA budget
  • Speak at Back to School Night and other events
  • Attend San Diego 9th District Council PTA meetings.
  • Attend Clairemont Cluster meetings.

Vice President

Time Commitment: 3-6 hours per month, busiest time is Back-to-School, varies ongoing

  • Serve as a year-round clearinghouse to fill PTA volunteer needs.
  • Provide back up for the President if he/she become unavailable
  • Sign authorizations for payment


Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per month, busiest following each PTA meeting

  • Take minutes at PTA general meetings, type minutes, and distribute them in one week of the meeting.
  • Make copies of minutes from the last general meeting for distribution (and approval) for general meetings.
  • Upload all documents to the Toler PTA DropBox
  • Submit approved minutes for inclusion on website and posting on PTA bulletin board.
  • Attend executive board meetings, participate in discussions and decision-making, take minutes for preparation and distribution to the other officers.
  • Prepare the sign-in sheet, set out nametags, and arrange the room for the general meetings.
  • Forward required documentation to 9th District PTA main office.
  • Maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas, and materials distributed at any official PTA meeting.
  • Send donor acknowledgement letters
  • Sign authorizations for payment


  • Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per month, including attending PTA meetings.
  • Busiest Times of Year: Ongoing, some summer work preparing budget for Fall
  • Collaborate with the PTA President to generate the annual PTA budget.
  • Prepare the annual audit and tax return.
  • Pay bills and reimbursements as required.
  • Oversee ongoing PTA finances, ensure adherence to approved PTA budget.
  • Prepare and present budget report for each PTA general meeting.
  • Record deposits that come in to Toler.
  • Manage Toler PTA funds in PTAEZ online
  • Sign authorizations for payment

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Collaborate with the President to prepare volunteer position descriptions for Back-To-School packet and online volunteer page.
  • Coordinate with web-master to prepare and post online volunteer sign-up page.
  • Coordinate volunteer recruitment tables at back-to-school events (Boo Hoo Brunch, etc)
  • Maintain a database of volunteers and provide these to board members and chairs as needed.
  • Recruit potential room representatives (head parents) for all teachers and provide training if needed.


Time Commitment: 3 hours per month, 5 during nominations

  • Manage/oversee the Nominating Committee process. Recruit and form a nominating committee, and remain available to assist them at their request.
  • Attend all meetings of the association and of the executive board and give necessary advice in
    parliamentary procedure when requested.
  • Call the first meeting of the nominating committee in January, conduct election of a chairman and give
    instructions in procedure, and may be contacted for additional information, if needed; and shall
    attend meetings of the nominating committee only if elected to serve as a member of the
  • Chair the bylaws committee and review bylaws and standing rules annually. (See Changing
    Bylaws (2.4.1), PTA Management Section, California State PTA Toolkit.)
  • Be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership including the right to make motions,
    debate and vote.


  • Time Commitment: 3 hours per month
  • Busiest Times of Year: On-going, varies by event, monthly for PTA meetings
  • Focus on making all parents feel welcome at Toler.
  • “Host” several events during the school year including a end of year-school / teacher Appreciation lunch for school staff, a Back-to-School Coffee, a Kindergarten Welcome Coffee, Back to School Night, and teacher luncheons during holidays, conferences and at end of year.
  • Solicit or prepare beverages (coffee, water, etc.) and baked goods for events as required.
  • Maintain and organize paper goods supplies for PTA events.
  • Maintain coffee/tea service supplies for staff in work room area.

Committee Chair Descriptions 


Time Commitment: 1-3 hours per week at beginning of year; flattens out after directory production

Busiest Times of Year: September – November (Good job for parent working daytime hours)

  • Coordinate membership drive: develop letter for Monday folders, create membership envelopes for distribution, collect envelopes & record memberships in database, record online memberships in database.
  • Collect, count, and deposit money with Treasurer.
  • Develop Dolphin News notices to list and thank all paid members.
  • Collect and Distribute PTA member benefits (Discounts, etc)
  • Host mid year membership drive by coordinating a Classroom Challenge- class with highest percentage of PTA members wins an ice cream social paid for by PTA!


Time Commitment: about 3-4 hours per month; more during peak times

Busiest Times of Year: around major fund raisers

  • Assist with recruitment of and provide support to committee chairs for key fund-raising events.
  • Maintain Toler Dolphin insignia products – place vendor orders, advertise merchandise sales, organize and maintain inventory, submit invoices to Treasurer for reimbursement to vendors.
  • Coordinate annual fundraisers such a Dining out, See’s Candy or Catalogues
  • Advertise ongoing fundraising campaigns
  • Monitor results of fund-raisers; align fundraising objectives and strategies with Toler’s budgetary needs and research other fundraising opportunities as required

Community Outreach

Busiest Times of Year: On-going

  • Research grant opportunities that align with school needs as determined by Principal and PTA
  • Apply for grants, monitor applications
  • Meet with Principal and PTA President/Foundation President as needed to determine funding needs.
  • Request grants from local Clairemont/Bay Park Businesses

Scholastic Book Fair (Good Job for a team of 2-3 co-chairs)

Time Commitment: 20+ hours during week of sale only

  • Coordinate all aspects of the Scholastic Book Fair: overall operations including marketing and advertising, sale set-up, staffing and sales, inventory control, and tear-down.

Free Money for Toler (formerly ESCRIP/Boxtops) 

Time Commitment: 5 hours per month

  • Coordinate outreach to Toler families, educating and encouraging them to sign up for cash back to Toler through a variety of community sources and E-SCRIP.
  • Handle renewals, collect and analyze usage reports.
  • Be creative about signing up new families.

Historian – Yearbook 

Time Commitment: Minimal, spread throughout year, heavier with yearbook prep

  • Keep records and take photographs of programs and events at Toler.
  • With assistance of volunteers, compile and prepare the Toler Yearbook to be distributed at year-end.
  • Prepare a slide show to be presented at the start of the following year
  • Archive all photos on DropBox


  • Newsletter?
  • Technology?

New Kinder Liaison

Time Commitment: about 40 hours spread over summer and at start of year

  • Act as a reference point for new T.K. and Kinder parents to go and ask questions about anything school related!
  • Take New Kinder Photos: Order frames, assemble, take photos, distribute at Back to school night.

Classroom Positions 

Room Reps Create a community feeling among the parents in the classroom.

Duties can vary greatly depending on the needs and desires of each teacher and changing school-wide needs and events. Those interested in being room reps should notify the Room Parent Coordinator the first week of school, who will then make a list of those interested to be shared with the teachers. Teacher selects the room rep(s).

The following are some of the duties which may be included in the role of Room Representative:

Room Representative (can be team of 1-2) 

Time Commitment: can be several hours per week, varies throughout the year

Coordination of classroom activities 

  • Class trips: recruit parent drivers, chaperones. Ensure volunteers have the TB test paperwork completed.
  • Class parties: Fall Harvest, Winter Holiday, Valentine’s Day, 100th Day, End of Year
  • Scholastic Book Orders: collect orders, distribute materials, etc.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: Grade level planning and contributions

Correspondence / Communication 

  • Request donations of money, food or help for parties or special events
  • Keep an accounting of money collected, purchase teacher gifts, cards, etc.
  • Recruit parents for special projects like auction art projects, etc.
  • Set up Shutterfly account for teacher/classroom for online sharing

5th grade reps

  • Coordin

Upcoming Events

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